10 Achievable ‘Work’ New Year Resolutions

When talking to people about New Year Resolutions, so many people I speak to will either say ‘I don’t believe in New Year resolutions, if I want to change something about myself, improve, give something up or take something up, I’ll do it when I want, not because its’s January’. Other people will answer with the same usual goals that they set themselves every year and expect to fail before they’ve even begun!

New Year’s resolutions are a good way of looking at elements of your life and wanting to make a positive change.  So many people feel the ‘January blues’, but instead you should be feeling positive about the New Year that lies ahead of you and what things you would like to achieve.  There is no point in setting yourself with resolutions that you fail at repeatedly.  

With dry January’s, gym memberships going up most people are looking at the year ahead and wanting to drink less alcohol, eat healthy, get fitter, give up smoking (or Vaping it would seem), cut out sugar, never wanting to touch a slice of bread again, switching to a  Vegan diet, spend more time with friends and family, being kinder, thinking of others more etc. Whatever they maybe, will you be one of the 80% of people who fail at their New Year resolution before the month of January is over? 

How do you keep on track with new year goals and resolutions you’ve set yourself…if any at all?  Finding a new job, getting that pay rise or work promotion you’ve been angling for.  Which work goals can you set yourself that are achievable and will make an impact?

10 resolutions to take your pick from

1. Take a break from your desk! – Do you sit by your desk eating your microwaved lunch at your desk?  Try and get out for some fresh air and if you’re not eating lunch out and have to go back to your office, use any ‘break out areas’ you may have available, even if it’s for 20 mins while you eat your lunch.  That email can wait!

2. Learn a new skill! – No matter what job you are in there are ways in which you can improve upon, whether that is in a technical capacity getting that accreditation or one of organisational skills.  It will give you more confidence in the work place and it won’t go unnoticed. If it’s a professional qualification that costs money, speak to your boss, lots of companies now sponsor their staff through examinations. If they say no, look at it as an investment in your own future.

3. Find a Work Mentor – Take a look around your office, who is that one person who seems to be setting the world on fire?  Maybe they are only a few steps ahead of you but have propelled there quickly. Someone who you respect and can use their guidance and help.  Don’t be shy and watch from a distance trying to mimic them, ask them if they’d like to grab a quick coffee, or if you can have a quick 15-minute chat with them.  They will take it as a huge compliment by you reaching out to them with an appreciation of what they do. Finding a mentor can help you gain the skills you need to boost your confidence and progress your career.

4. Attend a Networking Event – There are many local events that go on around you and will enable you to meet fellow professionals in your area and reap the benefits of a collective knowledge base. It’s likely you’ll meet others who work in a similar field and it’s a great way of staying abreast what is going on in your industry. 

5. Housekeeping! – Do you feel that every time you log in to your email you are drowning amongst an ocean of demands, chasing emails, requests and general bombardment that makes you feel it’s best just to ignore the whole lot, then can’t find that very important bit of information you need?  Go through your inbox, delete what you no longer need, file and archive what you do. You will feel more in control when you do.

6. Reach for the stars! – In recruitment, we often speak to candidates who do not have the confidence to go for a job unless they match the skills looked for 100%. Statically its proven that women tend to fall in that category.  Employers often put together the perfect wish list, of what is essential and what would be beneficial but not essential.  More often it’s not just the technical, it’s the soft skills that are looked at, willingness to learn, work ethic, flexibility, team spirit and self-motivation.  If you have the right attitude and the right aptitude, you don’t have to have all the skills listed. Be bold, believe in yourself and rise to the challenge and apply for that job or promotion…you may surprise yourself.

7. Work/Life Balance – This can be hard for some people.  With the modern-day technology allowing you to be mobile and accessible at all times, it can be hard to switch off.   The constant demands of our job and long hours that we work even at weekends, sometimes results in that quality ‘you’ time being lost.  It’s important to take a break, see friends, spend time with family and have some general downtime.  As well as keeping your body healthy you need to keep your mind healthy too.  Being over-worked and over-stressed will only result in a grumpy attitude that will not benefit yourself or those around you.

8. Listen – To coin a phrase, we only have one mouth and two ears. No matter what position you hold, listen to your fellow colleagues, above and below you. Ideas can be shared, grievances can be addressed, and praise can be given. Communication is key in any environment and empowers people when they feel listened to.

9. Read more – Whether it’s a technical book in your chosen field of work or self-help book, choose one career or motivational book that will benefit you.  When do I have time to read?  Make time, on the commute to work, grab 10 mins of quiet time with your morning coffee before you start. Whilst you’re having your lunch, take it outside and read in the fresh air.  Reading is fantastic for your mind and can have a positive impact on your performance and perspective.

10. Keep track on your progress – Whatever resolutions you choose, write them down and don’t forget about them. Use a planner to break them down if you need to and check each goal off as you go along. Be realistic with yourself, if you only make one resolution, stick to it.  When you check it off, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and that will drive you on. 

Finally, set yourself realistic goals, maybe one or more of the above and one piece of advice our own Nick Barker gave to our consultants here, was how important it is to book a holiday now! This way you have something to focus on and look forward too, breaking up the long year ahead.

Good luck with your resolutions and this time next year, you may have got that pay rise, promotion or landed yourself your dream job. Or as Del Boy said, you could be a millionaire!