8 signs your job interview went well

You just came out of a job interview and already can’t wait to find out if you are through to the next round or even better, got the job. You confidently answered all their questions, asked strong questions and you have a feeling the interview went well. But from this moment onward it is basically a waiting game. Too often it happens that the interviewee has to wait days, sometimes even weeks, only to learn that the company didn’t see you as the right person for the job.

How do you know a job interview went well? Sometimes it is a gut feeling, other times it’s not so clear. However, there are several signs to look for to determine if it went well.

Positive responses and body language

You can often see through body language and responses how an interviewer feels about you. Don’t only be occupied by giving the right answers to the questions, also focus on the responses of the interviewer. If you get positive responses like, “great answer” or “That’s exactly what we’re looking for” are key indications that the interviewer likes you. When someone is keeping eye contact with you and smiling probably means that they are interested in what you are saying rather them boring them.

Invitation for a second interview

This is of course an obvious one. If you get invited for a second interview is the best sign you can get. Don’t get to confident that you already have the job in the bag though. Stay focused and prepare well for the second interview.

Having an actual conversation

If the interviewer puts in the effort to personally get to know you instead of solemnly asking formal questions is a good sign. An interview is meant to be about your experience, so when the interviewer starts to ask questions to get to know you on a more personal level is often a sign that they seriously consider you for the job.

The interview runs longer than scheduled

Managers are busy and schedule interviews in between their other work responsibilities. So, if your interview is running over the scheduled time, consider that as a positive sign. It often means that they were interested in what you had to say and wanted to talk longer.

Salary questions

Salary can always be a bit of an awkward topic to talk about and most interviewers won’t get into the discussion of money unless they’re serious about hiring you. Most of the time salary questions also depend on the stage of the interview process you’re in.

Meeting the team

When you’re meeting the team mainly means you impressed during the job interview. Being introduced to people who weren’t interviewing you, especially if they are higher up in the company is a good sign. Getting introduced to the team signals that you are up there to potentially be their new colleague.

Getting shown around the office and meeting potential colleagues is also the perfect opportunity to get a feel of the working environment. This can be enough for you to figure out if this is a company you would like to work.

They ask when you can start

If the interviewer is interested in when you can start, can mean that you impressed during the interview and want to see when you can join the team. Although this is a bit of a grey area, as this is quite a common question to be asked during an interview. However, it’s definitely not a bad sign when you get asked when to start.

Exchange of contact information

It’s a great sign when your interviewer hands you a business card or direct contact information like a phone number or email address to reach him or her. It’s even a better sign if they ask you to reach out anytime if you have any questions or concerns.

The 8 examples we’ve just given you don’t mean you’ve gotten the job. Even if you did everything right there is always a chance that someone else did too and they got the job instead. But if you continually see a couple of the signs above you’ll at least know you’ve got a good shot at the job.