Come and Join the Hamilton Barnes Crew!

We are not your average Recruiter Hamilton Barnes was founded in 2014 to provide a consultative and customer focused recruitment solution, where customer service is paramount to the experience. We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers and do this by communicating clearly, directly and honestly and pride ourselves in providing an exceptional service […]

The Evolving Network Engineer. Where should you improve your skill set?

The evolution of networking has been quite incredible over recent times. From the first generation of computers that were so big they could fill an aeroplane hangar, with huge switches, which had to be switched on and switched off representing the 0 and 1’s of binary code, technology has moved at a tremendous pace.  Previously […]

How to keep your employees happy

Happy employees make for a happy company! If keeping employees happy was only as easy as it sounds… Studies show that happy, engaged and valued employees perform better, call in sick less and are more supportive of change. But happiness is an inside job and comes from within. Friends, family and work are all factors […]