Is a Hybrid Engineer the new Network Engineer?

Have you heard the term Hybrid Engineer?  With the evolution of Networking and the skills that are now being recruited for, it’s no secret that the Network Engineer role would have to and has evolved.  Not just being highly skilled with all things related with the traditional network, but an understanding of DevOps and having […]

The Evolving Network Engineer. Where should you improve your skill set?

The evolution of networking has been quite incredible over recent times. From the first generation of computers that were so big they could fill an aeroplane hangar, with huge switches, which had to be switched on and switched off representing the 0 and 1’s of binary code, technology has moved at a tremendous pace.  Previously […]

What’s SDN and is 2017 the year for this emerging technology?

Software Defined Networking or SDN as it is better known, is one of those buzz words that has been flying around for a couple of years now with very few people knowing what it really is. If a Network Engineer is not looking at how they will up-skill themselves to work on SDN soon, then […]

Apps for Network Professionals

There are hundreds of thousands of apps that include many features that are useful for IT professionals. As we specialise in recruiting networking professionals at Hamilton Barnes, we dived into the world of apps for networking professionals. And the best thing is.. they are all free!   Fing Network Tools With over 5 million downloads […]

15 Interview Questions for Network Professionals

Finding the best Networking professional takes more than just an assessment of technical qualifications. The interpersonal skills, initiative, experience and certifications for example are important factors in determining job fit. Depending on the job you’re interviewing for you will be asked about the skills, experience, certifications, competencies, processes, systems and tools you have that are a […]

How to write a cover letter

Previously we wrote about how to write a good tech CV and with a good CV comes a good cover letter. Here we give you tips and tricks about what an impressive cover letter should contain and an overview what a cover letter should look like. A cover letter is basically a written summary of […]