An insight into Ecode Networks with Founder Nimit Shishodia

Ecode Networks was seeded to foster network innovation by disruption, defining the principles of Network Orchestration by Abstraction using SDN & NFV. With accreditation from Open Networking Foundation (ONF), and Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), they build Network Lifecycle Service Orchestrator (LSO), simplifying the Network Provisioning and Operations. They also provide training & certifications to Network […]

An insight into IRIS Network Systems with James Burke

We spoke to James Burke who is the Founding Director of IRIS Network Systems. At IRIS Network Systems, we deploy our expertise in large-scale network configuration, implementation and management to bring enterprise managers and engineers a Network Management Solution (NMS) that is capable of real-time, in-depth reporting on the vast array of devices on multi-vendor […]

An insight into FusionLayer with CTO and Co-Founder Juha Holkkola

We spoke to Juha Holkkola, Co-Founder and Chief Technologist at FusionLayer. FusionLayer helps service providers and datacentres automate processes that touch networks. This is accomplished with cutting-edge technologies that function as the unified management system for all network-related information. FusionLayer automates workflows and simplifies network management for service providers, datacentres and enterprises that operate at […]

The self-driving network explained by Packet Design

Steve Harriman – Senior Vice President Marketing at Packet Design talks about Packet Design’s solutions and products and shares his knowledge about the self-driving network in this weeks’ thought-leaders on emerging technologies. Packet Design was founded in 2003 and is transforming the way network operators plan, deploy, and assure services to help them accelerate time […]

Big names and networking companies to watch

Almost half of the world’s population has internet access. And as this figure grows, so will the complexity of networks and connectivity. To keep on track, ongoing innovations in information technology are increasing the efficiency and reliability of these ever-expanding networks. Software-defined networking, or SDN, in particular, has changed the way information moves around the […]

Intent-based networking, the next big thing in networking

The next big thing on the networking horizon promises to be….wait for it… Intent-based Networking. IBN, the word has been thrown at everyone since Cisco revealed its vision for the future of networking earlier this year. And when Cisco is interested in a technology many will follow. Well established network companies and start-ups are all […]