Come and Join the Hamilton Barnes Crew!

We are not your average Recruiter Hamilton Barnes was founded in 2014 to provide a consultative and customer focused recruitment solution, where customer service is paramount to the experience. We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers and do this by communicating clearly, directly and honestly and pride ourselves in providing an exceptional service […]

Building Business Relationships in a high turnover industry

A recruitment consultant is the intermediary between organisations wishing to recruit and the individual seeking a career move or temporary assignment. To be able to find the right candidate for a client a good business relationship needs to be developed. The Account Manager needs to get to know the company thoroughly and find out what […]

Welcome to the Hamilton Barnes team – Tom

Tom Joslin is joining the Hamilton Barnes team to do work experience for the next couple of months. Tom is 21 years old, from Hammersmith, London and currently Studies International Relations at Loughborough University. In one sentence, sum up the reasons why you joined Hamilton Barnes? I just finished my first year at university and […]

How to attract and retain talent

Some companies keep more of their staff for longer periods than others, but why? Studies have shown that happy, engaged and valued employees are more productive, perform better, call in sick less and are less likely to move to another company. Employee retention coupled with internal progression are some of the key metrics HR teams […]

More than just the basic – employee benefits

Training and development has seen the greatest amount of change over the last 20 years as companies continually strive to engage and retain their employee talent. It has long been established that although salary remuneration is important in engaging and retaining employees, its general impact is deemed as short term when looking to continually motivate […]