What do candidates look for in a job?

I can hear you thinking, what do candidates look for in a job? Easy!! A good salary! True, we can’t disagree that this factor is very important. But there are plenty of factors to bear in mind.

Today candidates are very selective when it comes to looking for a job, which is normal considering finding the right job is a lengthy process. We can’t deny that the bar has been set high by companies such as Apple and Google, who are praised for their company culture, benefits schemes and office spaces. As an employer, it is important to do whatever is possible to understand what (prospective) employees want. Because, at the end of the day a company wants to attract the right people and the best talent for their organisation.

It’s important for companies to understand what motivates their employees, what are their values and what drives them in order to develop and retain the best employees in the company. There are many different factors (prospective) employees look for in a job, and these factors are different for everyone, as everyone has different values and beliefs.


A candidate chooses a company where there’s alignment with who they are as a person and their values and beliefs. Fitting in with colleagues is a key factor. Being part of a team and working towards the same goal. Knowing that every day, they come into an encouraging environment.

Tip: An excellent way to find out about a companies’ culture is to check Social Media. Check out the companies’ LinkedIn page, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get an insight into the company. And if you’re interested in current and previous employee reviews, Glassdoor is your go-to source.


A good work-life balance is of high importance and many candidates look for organisations that promote this.


Companies that offer opportunities to apply your skills and get the most out of your potential. Jobs that offer challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. Who doesn’t want to work for such a company? So, it’s not a surprise that professional development and growth opportunities are high on candidates’ lists.


A good location that is easily accessible, has good transport links, nice lunch spots and some pubs around the corner is also very high on peoples lists when looking for jobs. Ok… pubs might not be the most important one, but who doesn’t like Friday after work drinks?


As already mentioned, a good salary is a key factor. But what about benefits? Companies that offer a good benefits package are very appealing. Think about benefits such as: generous contributions to pension schemes, childcare, a good amount of paid leave, corporate events, gym memberships, private healthcare and the option to work remotely.

Keep in mind that a happy workforce tends to be more committed and effective.


Next to pay and benefits, employees like to be rewarded for going above and beyond. This can be a bonus, a team day away, social events, or even early finishes on Fridays. Rewarding employees is a way that will make them feel valued for their hard work. And this will also motivate employees again to be on top of things and work hard.

Company History

Companies that have a good track-record and reputation are very appealing


The 21st century makes it possible to work from wherever you want. Flexibility and being able to work remotely are high on peoples lists when looking at new companies to work for. Company laptops and phones are therefore appealing benefits that companies can offer.

Which factors do you find most important?