What mistakes not to make when interviewing

Making a weak first impression
Walking into the interview looking to the floor and giving a weak handshake is a bad start. Instead smile, make eye contact, give a steady handshake and introduce yourself.

Lying on your CV
Everyone wants to stand out during an interview but lying is never the answer and eventually you will get caught. It’s tempting to add a few extra skills on your CV, but instead of making up skills you don’t have, emphasise on your strengths that you do have. In the end honesty is key!

Telling them what you think they want to hear
You want to be the best candidate possible and leave an outstanding first impression. Instead of telling them about your own goals in life you tell them what you think they want to hear. If you have to lie to the hiring manager about getting the job, question yourself if this is a job you want.

Not being prepared
If you’re not prepared, it will show. Always look into the company you are interviewing for to find out about its culture, values and employees. Imagine you are talking about how much you like to work for the company and how you love the brand. And then the hiring manager ask you how you think about their latest campaign. But you can’t answer the question and basically immediately make a bad impression.

Badmouthing your former or current company/colleagues
Don’t criticise other people or companies you used to work for, as it will make you look bad. The hiring manager might get the impression you like criticising people and will decide you don’t fit in the team. Nobody wants somebody working for them who constantly criticises others.

Don’t be rude
Just keep in mind that it’s not the time to bring up sensitive topics during an interview. The person sitting across from you might have a complete different opinion and will interpret it as rude. Also, don’t treat the person who is interviewing you as a friend you have known for years. After all it’s an interview and you’re not in a pub. Stay professional.

Not asking questions
As mentioned many times before, always ask question. An interview is a two-way street. Through asking questions, you will discover more valuable information about the company, its environment and employees and this will help you decide if you would like to work for this company or not. It’s also a way to show the hiring manager you prepared well and are interested in getting to know more about the company.

Using your phone during the interview
Before you arrive to your interview, put your phone on silent. Don’t answer calls or text messages. Basically, just put your phone in your bag to resist having a look at it.

Failing to follow up
You walk out of the office, the interview is over and now you’re just waiting to hear from them. NO! Show a proactive attitude and send the hiring manager a message to thank them for their time. This will make you stand out from the other candidates.

Good luck!