How Graduates can make themselves stand out!

  As a graduate you would’ve been within the education system for the past 18 years, comfortably knowing what your year ahead would look like.  During your high school years you would now be looking forward to long summer holidays ahead. 6 weeks of hanging out, maybe going on holiday with your family (depending on […]

The Evolving Network Engineer. Where should you improve your skill set?

The evolution of networking has been quite incredible over recent times. From the first generation of computers that were so big they could fill an aeroplane hangar, with huge switches, which had to be switched on and switched off representing the 0 and 1’s of binary code, technology has moved at a tremendous pace.  Previously […]

Telephone interview tips

  Telephone interviews can be tricky, especially since you can’t see your interviewers’ facial expressions and body language. When you’re interviewing via phone, you’re going to have to work even harder to make sure you are coming off as personable, capable, and above all…the perfect candidate. But if you prepared well you will nail the […]

What mistakes not to make when interviewing

Making a weak first impression Walking into the interview looking to the floor and giving a weak handshake is a bad start. Instead smile, make eye contact, give a steady handshake and introduce yourself. Lying on your CV Everyone wants to stand out during an interview but lying is never the answer and eventually you […]

How to write a cover letter

Previously we wrote about how to write a good tech CV and with a good CV comes a good cover letter. Here we give you tips and tricks about what an impressive cover letter should contain and an overview what a cover letter should look like. A cover letter is basically a written summary of […]