Tips and Advice for the first time visitor to Cisco Live

If you’ve been to a Cisco Live event before, then you will have an expectation of how your time will go.  However, what if you’ve never been before and are venturing over to Barcelona during the week of January 28th – February 1st,  for your first ever Cisco Live event and are unsure what you can plan now, to make the most of your time there?

Have you been speaking to fellow colleagues or friends who have been to past events to get the lowdown on how the week may pan out and asking advice on what you can do before you go?  If you haven’t and you’re looking for advice and tips, then I’ve put together a mixture of what Cisco themselves are advising and from past attendees, who have written about their experiences and offer tips that may help a first-time attendee.

1.) Review the Content Catalogue –  Know what your priorities are and then schedule your week accordingly.  It’s easy to search using keywords, searching for specific technologies, your level etc. Once you have registered with Cisco Live you will have a login.  You will be able to log in and go to My Dashboard and you can view which sessions have been suggested for you.

2.) Schedule your free certification exam – If you are a Main Conference and IT Management Pa holders receive one free certification exam.  To support you there are numerous technical seminars for you to attend for your chosen path.  Click here to see the choices available to you and full details of registration details.

The Testing Centre is running sessions Monday – Thursday 8:30- 19:00 Friday 8:30 -18:00. 

Be aware that space is limited, so if you want to receive your free onsite certification exam, register early!

3.) Review the content catalogue – Plan your week now! Search by keyword or filter by technology, session type, or technical level to find sessions. Once registered and logged in, you can go to My Dashboard to see sessions recommended just for you.

4.) Follow Cisco Live on Social media here.You can connect with others attending the event prior to going, allowing you to expand your professional network.  With all social media platforms beng used, you can chose you platform of choice and get posting.  Don’t forget to include the #CLEUR on any post.

5.) Add the Cisco Live Orientation Tours to Your Schedule – A great item to include is taking on a guided tour by one of Cisco’s experienced staff.  These take place on Monday 28th January.  You will be shown everything that Cisco Live is offering for the entire week. There is no sign up or registration required for this.  just head to the information desk in the North Access registration area ad keep an eye out for even staff in Orange uniform with Orientation Tour signage!

Tours will last approximately 45 minutes and will depart at:

  • 12:00
  • 13:00
  • 13:30
  • 15:30
  • 18:00


These are great tips from past attendees.  More of the practical advice that I’m sure you will appreciate!

6.) Wear comfortable shoes! – Bin the heels that’s for sure, or if your current shoes are a bit of a tight squeeze, leave them at home and invest in footware you can keep on comfortably all day! It can be tough to master advanced networking concepts when your feet hurt.

7.) Bring a portable power strip. –  This is a great one.  Quite a few past attendees have recommended this! ‘It’s easier to plug in to the energy of Cisco Live when it’s easy to plug in your mobile devices’.

8.) Follow @CiscoLiveEurope and #CLEUR on social media. – Along with Cisco advising this, coming from past visitors, they have seen the positive impact this has and how helpful it is to keep on top of all things ‘Social Media’.

9.) Book sessions and labs early. They fill up quickly – Don’t assume that you can just turn up and get on to what you want.  Quite often people think, ‘I’ll sort it when I’m there, they’ll be loads of availability’ because you’ll be disappointed.  if you haven’t already…do it today!

10.) Read the title AND the abstract of the sessions. – Be sure that the sessions cover the topics you are looking for!  This is an interesting one and one to take on.  From previous attendees who haven’t and then realised the session they are in isn’t quite the one they were interested in and have then missed out on the session that would’ve suited them better, has cropped up a number of times when reading tips and advice.

11.) Tweak your schedule onsite. – Plans can change. Keep it flexible. You know what interests you and build your week around it. It’s your time and conference. Utilise what is available to you to suit your wish list!

12.) Check your transportation options. – Make sure you have adequate time to get onsite the first day, if you are travelling there the day before and your hotel is some distance away, do a trial run the day before if you can.  Alternatively, you can do what we have and book a hotel right opposite!

13.) Take notes –If you’re attending sessions and doing it right, you’re going to be fed an enormous amount of information. There is nothing worse than coming away from an amazing week full of information, only to forget most of it.  Make notes using key points, trigger words, scribble down flow charts or graphs you can go back to.  At the end of each day, go over your notes and include information your notes have helped you to remember.

14.) Keep Hydrated – Sounds simple right? There is a ton of free water available to you, take advantage of it!  After the events during the day, there is plenty of socialising afterwards, including our own little Cisco Live Networking drinks. (Have a read of our invite below!) If you’re feeling dehydrated form the night before, make sure you keep replenishing your fluids!

15.) Finally, don’t forget to pick up your official Cisco Live t-shirt. – It’s the must-have fashion statement of today’s top IT professionals!

If you want to go but haven’t yet registered, you have until midnight January 21st. Click here to register.

I hope you have found these tips and advice helpful? If you are going along and would like to attend our little ‘Fiesta’, contact George Barnes on 0203 762 2481 or email [email protected]  

We hope to see you there!  Adios Amigos!