Apps for Network Professionals

There are hundreds of thousands of apps that include many features that are useful for IT professionals. As we specialise in recruiting networking professionals at Hamilton Barnes, we dived into the world of apps for networking professionals. And the best thing is.. they are all free!


Fing Network Tools

With over 5 million downloads Fing is one of the networking apps you need to have. It’s a super-fast network scanner that offers a quick way to view the devices connected to your wireless network. The app provides IP address, name and MAC address of each device found. It allows you to run pings and trace routes, DNS look ups, TCP connection testers and detecting network intruders. There’s also a search function where you can look up devices by name, IP address, MAC address, vendor or notes. Network data can be save and backed up to an SD card

Available on: Android and iOS

IP Tools – network utilities

This app is a powerful network utility suite for analysing and adjusting networks. It quickly detects any computer network problem and boosts network performance. IP tools will help you fix a network problem easily or optimise the network when you are not around (i.e. when you are not at work). The app has a simple intuitive interface in order to receive full information on your network, find out internal/external IP, SSID, BSSID, broadcast address, gateway, network mast, country, region, city, the providers geographical coordinates and other basic info within minutes.

Available on: Android and iOS

Network Scanner

This app provides basic network mapping and port scanning to help IT pros familiarise themselves with a network and identify loopholes and flaws. The app can find name, IP address, MAC address and device vendor. Once a network is discovered you can execute a port scan in either “quick port scan” or regular format. This allows you to specify which device ports should scanned.

Available on: Android

Ping Tools Network Utilities

Ping Tools contains; basic information about your device network, continuous monitoring of remote resources, Local-Area Network – shows all devices on your network, Ping – ICMP, TCP and HTTP ping, Traceroute, Visual Traceroute – UDP or ICMP tracert tool, Port scanner – TCP ports scanner, Whois, UPnP scanner – UPnP\DLNA devices scanner, Bonjour browser, Wi-Fi scanner, Subnet scanner,  DNS Lookup, Wake on LAN and IP calculator.

Available on: Android

Cisco Systems

This app gives networking and IT pros fast and easy access to products, service, training and general information about Cisco. The app contains; routers, switches, collaboration, video, wireless, solutions for cloud, collaboration, data centre, mobility, enterprise, small business, government, security alerts, product support information, product community, videos and news, updated daily, event information, training and certification class information and corporate insights.

Available on: Android and iOS